Biogena by Giuliani

Iconomia has been working with Virtual Reality since 2016. In partnership with a major video game developer, Untold Games, we have consistently upgraded our approach to the technology, in order to provide cutting-edge solutions and ensure ever-enhanced levels of engagement. Inspired by the unforgettable movie, Fantastic Voyage, we have designed numerous journeys within the human […]

Eye Pharma

A new brand identity; the leap towards a new, pure vision Eye Pharma is a young, yet rapidly-evolving, pharmaceutical company specialized in the development of products for eye health and personal well-being. During a phase of exceptional growth, its original brand began to feel too narrow. The moment called for a rebranding that could better […]

Omnichannel Marketing

As digital transformation accelerates, new tools lead to new opportunities. The digitalization of scientific communication gives rise to new means of delivering content and necessitates a rethink of the media and tools used for each project. Innovative interactive and multimedia approaches, as well as emerging technologies, can be used to bring communication to a new […]


The challenge: bringing a cool yet sensitive approach to the topic no one wants to address. Autumn 2020: in view of the school year restarting amidst the Covid-19 emergency, Amuchina, Italy’s best-known hand-sanitizer brand, plans the launch of a communication campaign aimed at bringing the attention of young people to the importance of hand hygiene […]