Iconomia has been building exceptional brands in the health and pharmaceuticals sector since 2005.

Based in Genoa, Italy, a port city with a rich history of spreading ideas and industry throughout the world, Iconomia reflects the maritime spirit of adventure through courageous communication that transcends borders.

Working with a diverse range of clients at both national and global levels, our agency brings a fully personalised approach, ensuring made-to measure solutions that distinguish brands.

We seek to constantly refine our skills at both individual and collective levels, and are always open to new ideas and sources of inspiration. Iconomia’s repertoire of services includes brand identity, visual design, editorial design, digital design, scientific contents and communication, social media, advertisements, creative strategy, video/animations (2D & 3D), virtual and augmented reality, stands and exhibition installations, and podcasts.

Providing turnkey solutions across the entire communications spectrum, we empower brands and expand horizons.


We are an international team of creative thinkers, scientific experts, artists and designers. Our passion for the Art of Communication lies at the heart of everything we do.

Imre Gottlieb

Founder & CEO

Valentina Tognoni

Account Director

Alice Pezzolo

Creative Director

Raffaele Bisio

Creative Director

Serena Massari

Art Director

Giulia Ramberti

Art Director

Claudia Moreschi

Graphic Designer

Ruth Johnson

Global Account Manager

Sacha Wright



Iconomia Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

At Iconomia, we firmly believe that diversity is a key element in unlocking the creative potential that accompanies our success as an integrated, multi-channel communications agency. We value diversity of thought, culture, experience, and background, and are actively committed to building an environment that is fair, inclusive, and welcoming to all.

We are a small agency with a big mission: to let people and ideas speak for themselves.


We recognize and celebrate individual differences, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and nationality. We understand that everyone brings a unique set of experiences and perspectives that enrich our work environment and amplify our creativity.


At Iconomia, we are committed to ensuring that all members of our team have equal access to the opportunities and benefits our company has to offer. Through transparent hiring and promotion practices, specific training, and impartial evaluations, we strive to eliminate all forms of discrimination and prejudice.


Inclusion is a culture that promotes a sense of belonging and appreciation for everyone. Every team member has the right to be heard, valued, and appreciated for their unique skills and contributions.

Open Ears, Open Minds

We listen carefully to the needs, wishes, and aspirations of all our team members, and are proactive in identifying and removing any barriers to full participation.

Legal Compliance

In addition to our ethical commitment, we fully comply with Italian laws and international regulations regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. This includes compliance with equal-opportunity and anti-discrimination laws.

Growth and Future

This statement represents a starting point: we will continue to learn, adapt, and grow to maintain a company culture that celebrates and encourages diversity. It will be an ongoing journey, inspired by a genuine commitment to turn words into tangible actions.

Because for us, diversity is not a choice – it is our strength.