Biogena by Giuliani


Iconomia has been working with Virtual Reality since 2016. In partnership with a major video game developer, Untold Games, we have consistently upgraded our approach to the technology, in order to provide cutting-edge solutions and ensure ever-enhanced levels of engagement.

Inspired by the unforgettable movie, Fantastic Voyage, we have designed numerous journeys within the human body as a means to view at firsthand the mechanisms of action of many innovative therapies.

Following its recent acquisition of Biogena, Giuliani asked us to create a new experience for Cosmofarma 2023, with a view to showcasing their expanding portfolio of high-quality shampoos.

Our brief was to create an experience that was both visually outstanding and highly scientific, in order to communicate Giuliani’s new pipeline of quality products to as many pharmacists as possible during the event.

Iconomia combined a state-of-the-art virtual experience with the use of our 6DOF moving platform and a wind simulator, to create a ride on the human scalp, during which participants could view – through impactful environments and gamified interactions – the difference between low- and high-quality shampoos.   

The result was an unforgettable experience that created a powerful buzz, bringing long queues of participants to the stand for the entire duration of the event.