The challenge: bringing a cool yet sensitive approach to the topic no one wants to address.

Autumn 2020: in view of the school year restarting amidst the Covid-19 emergency, Amuchina, Italy’s best-known hand-sanitizer brand, plans the launch of a communication campaign aimed at bringing the attention of young people to the importance of hand hygiene in social environments.

The campaign is aimed at two target groups: children aged 6 to 9 and 10 to 16. The challenge is to raise awareness on how to avoid the transmission of viruses and bacteria, while maintaining a light-hearted tone, and keeping in mind the exceptionally difficult social and historical circumstances.

Having identified two different narrative pathways for the respective target groups, the choice of illustrators proves to be a launching pad for the project; from here, the synergy between our team of copywriters and art directors and these two talented artists brings exceptional results:

Aurora Cacciapuoti gives a strong personality to a funny and incisive series of cartoons that work to engage a difficult-to-approach target: teenagers.

Carolina Grosa illustrates a series of comic strips that are published on various printed media: from booklets distributed in pharmacies, to a series of notebooks made in collaboration with Pigna.