The rebranding accompanied the change of ownership, providing freshness whilst preserving the heritage of a known and trusted product.

Giuliani, one of Italy’s leading pharmaceutical companies, has been in business for over 130 years and is internationally recognised as a benchmark in the gastrointestinal sector.

Psyllogel was added to the Giuliani portfolio following a major corporate acquisition in March 2021.

Psyllogel is a solid brand bearing significant hallmarks of success: proven efficacy of the product; clear market leadership; distinctiveness of formula and positioning. 


Objective number one: modernize the logo. We used slimmer, more balanced lines and rounded edges for a more harmonious effect, and replaced the points of light with a delicate geometric drop shadow.

A change that is recognizable, yet respectful of the brand identity.

We kept the circular motif as the focal point of the design, and further imbued it with meaning: the transition from disorder to geometric order in the arrangement of the lines represents the improvement of gut balance brought about by the product. 

We maintained the brand identity and recognizability through our use of colors – now more vivid and dynamic, and streamlined the graphical elements to ensure the cleanness of the design.