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Communicating warm commitment to support patients

For 125 years, STADA has combined history and innovation to maintain a standard of excellence in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

The launch of its Biosimilars line presents the opportunity to create a direct relationship with patients, and therefore bring together all its related activities under a strong global Umbrella brand.

EveryCare means that patients and their families are not alone in facing their health-related challenges; STADA is by their side, providing a made-to-measure network of information, support and services, and enabling patients to feel confident and secure in their treatment plans.

The Everycare logo is inspired by the arc symbol characterizing the Stada logo: the Y represents the human body with arms outstretched overhead, evoking the idea of a warm and reassuring presence beside the patient.

The Video adopts an emotional approach by underscoring the essence of Everycare: the willingness to be present to support patients along every step of their journeys.

“EveryCare is one of our key global projects, and it made us all proud that we could work on it together with Iconomia from the first ideas to the actual launch”