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Iconomia Virtual Lab

We are a Virtual Reality content and production studio that combines the expertise of a creative agency specializing in biomedical scientific communication with the technical skills of a Virtual Reality game studio.

We develop VR experiences that are not only visually outstanding, but highly immersive and impactful, bringing scientific communication to the next level.

With Iconomia Virtual Lab the possibilities are as limitless as imagination is vast.


VR opens a new chapter in Communication

The effective communication of complex messages to both internal and external key stakeholders is vital for innovation-driven industries like pharmaceuticals. Virtual Reality is a new, ground-breaking medium that is highly effective in engaging the target audience and conveying the desired message.

The multi-sensorial nature of VR leads to ‘Presence’, a term used by researchers to describe the connection between the participant and the virtual world: transported beyond passive observation, the participant lives the experience and acquires long-lasting memories.


VR is a new beginning for storytelling.


End-to-end VR Solutions

We constantly monitor the rapid evolution of Virtual Reality technologies to identify the most relevant innovations and incorporate them into our work.

We can set up Virtual Reality experiences at trade fairs or conferences, directly at clients’ premises or at any event.

We can provide our clients with customized solutions to cover all stages of a project, including the development of content, definition of the user experience, graphics and exhibit design, hardware rental and technical assistance in situ.

VR Solutions

User-centered experiences powered by cutting edge technologies.


VR Edutainment in Biomedical Science

Virtual Reality can open the door to hidden places. It can take users beyond textbook pages and smartphone screens and immerse them in computer-generated alternative realities.
Virtual Journeys enable participants to travel deep within the human body, chasing cells and observing microscopic processes from the inside. Virtual Experiments allow users to learn about and understand new concepts through interaction with scientific objects and responsive environments. In our Virtual Clinical Cases, scientific accuracy is merged with gamification elements to maximize the effectiveness of the edutainment experience.

We currently offer three main VR product families, which target different communication needs and distribution channels.

Wearing a visor over the eyes and ears, the participant is immersed in a 3D virtual environment, where he/she can look around freely by moving the head.

360° video
real-time 3D graphics

Reference Devices
Samsung Gear VR
Oculus Rift

Cutting-edge technology allows us to take VR experiences even further, creating a multidimensional effect on the participant. We can incorporate movement, simulate speed, add scents and much more.

real-time 3D graphics

Reference Devices
Oculus Rift + Dedicated Hardware

Using “room-scale tracking” technology, we can transform a room into a virtual 3D space wherein participants can walk around naturally and use motion-tracked, handheld controllers to manipulate virtual objects.

real-time 3D graphics

Reference Devices
HTC Vive


Case studies

Lilly Dermatology 2016

AROI 2016

Lilly Rheumatology 2016

SIR 2016
DGRh 2017

Lilly Rheumatology 2017

SIR 2017
EULAR 2018

Stand Gallery

Giuliani Dermatology 2018


Participant Experience Evaluation