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Iconomia is a communications agency specializing in the field of healthcare. For over ten years, we have achieved success in the market through innovative ideas and a fresh-minded approach. Iconomia has won numerous awards of excellence in many mediums, including print work, brand ideas, launch campaigns and advertisements in magazines. In addition, we are pioneering the new frontier of Virtual Reality and the powerful potentiality that it offers in our field. Our team is adept in the development of digital and multimedia contents, applications and ebooks. Our projects and solutions have enabled top brands to put forth their desired message and enhance their brand image and earning potential. We offer our clients original ideas and creativity coupled with high-caliber professionalism, leading to a satisfying working rapport and results that stand out from the crowd.


The secret of our effectiveness? A team of talented people working together to create unique and distinctive communication: a set of varying and complimentary creative forces underpinned by an open-minded and curious approach. Our firm is based in Genoa, Italy – the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea being a constant source of inspiration.


To be taken especially when in need of: intelligent communication, strong ideas, targeted market knowledge. Particularly effective when experiencing the following major symptoms: the search for a distinctive style; a consistent need for a defined brand identity that is both enticing and in line with the needs of the market.


Our team excels both in the communication and pharmaceutical sectors, and is effective and reliable in every situation and field. Well-accustomed to high pressure and deadlines, Iconomia consistently maintains the highest level of quality and attention to detail. Above all, we take into careful consideration the symptoms and needs of our clients, in order to provide the best possible remedy against brand invisibility.


Effective on multiple fronts and always reliable, the Iconomia solution is based on the most innovative active formulas in order to create unique and memorable communication, each and every time.



Virtual Lab

VR content, experiences, ads
Offering a heightened capacity for brand awareness by introducing unique and unforgettable altered states of reality






Iconomia is IMSHealth Certified e-Content Provider


We also work with Oculus VR



Category: Print Campaigns
3 Awards of Excellence

Abbott | Nepro (2015)
Angelini | Perilei (2012)
Accmed | Topic (2010)

Category: Magazine Advertisement
5 Awards of Excellence

Angelini | Trittico Contramid (2015)
Angelini | DIF (2012)
Promedica | ADV Exablade (2011)
Angelini | GelEnterum (2011)
Angelini | Trittico (2011)

Category: Poster / Announcement
2 Awards of Excellence

Angelini | Ommunal (2011)
Angelini | Trazodone (2011)

Category: Booklet / Brochure
4 Awards of Excellence

Angelini | Ommunal (2011)
Angelini | Trazodone (2011)
Angelini | Daparox (2010)
Ratiopharm | Eporatio (2010)

Category: Launch Campaigns
1 Award of Excellence

Angelini | Procartil (2010)